How to have painfree periods #MillennialNuskhe

Ginger tea recipe & Other home remedies for a painfree period.

A painfree period is a healthy period. Period.

Yep, I just used the word thrice to emphasize on importance of our menstrual health. Today, 28th May is celebrated as Menstrual Hygiene day. Internet today is full of amazing articles and information on menstrual hygiene awareness. We must learn abt all the menstrual products, their proper usage, proper disposal/cleaning, their effect on enviornment. It’s been three years, that I have been using a menstrual cup. Apart from initial anxiety of figuring out the whole thing, how do I pinch the cup, how do I insert, which leg to lift up, or maybe should I squat and what am I doing with my life? kinda questions, I’m happy to report that I and my cup are pretty much best friends now who meet every month and celebrate each other’s existence.

I’d highly recommend each one of you to try the cup and if for some reason it hasn’t worked for you, then please buy eco-friendly banana fibres or any other biodegradable sanitary products or you can always use cotton resusable pads. You just have to wash them well.

This blogpost is not about that rn. This is about a ginger tea that is perfect for mahino ke un din. This trusted ginger tea recipe is an age old remedy and works like charm for period pains.


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