This ginger tea is magic!

It’s a blessing for me. Nothing ever works and this tea really changed the game for me

I have read all your testimonials for this tea and since I have tried it myself (in rare months if I get period pains) I know this does work well. To understand why this recipe works, try to understand why do we get pain during the periods. Vata dosha (space and air governed) is responsible for the all the movements happening in our body including menstruation. When this Vata is imbalanced, on will experience pain. (Apana Vayu, subdosha is responsible for menstrual flow)

Having warming spice like cinnamon, ginger, haldi and jaggery helps move vata much easily thus reducing our period pain + making sure the flow is also non obstructed. This tea will help bloating or back pain as well.

Other than this tea, having a halwa/kadha prashad really helps me with anxiety/pain during periods. So anything that’s warmin, unctuous (good fat) & Nourishing & heavy (yet easy to digest) will help you balance the Vata. Just avoid super cold stuff and watch out your caffiene consumption.

Other Nuskha that works best for me is soaking raisins in water few days before the periods and having it first thing in the morning (also drink up thr water). Raisins are very rejuvenating and nourishes vata and pitta dosha.

When I asked you guys about your trusted home remedy I received about 139 entries on my Instagram. Since many are repetitive, I have collated them all for you to save it for the future. Also, know that everyone’s body is different and one must try anything new with caution. Try a little and see if it works for you else, drop it out.

✨ Ajwain water for cramps. Spoonful of ajwain with sugar. Gud and ajwain in water. Kala namak+ajwain (1/2 tbsp each) swallowed with lukewarm water for bloating & pain.
✨ Accupressure points on your inner wrist.
Kadha made out of saunf, jaggery, ghee and water. Sometimes buttermilk with some hing also helps.
✨ Switching from pads to tampons or cups,you are less aware and hence it helps to forget it mentally.
✨ Soaked raisins (overnight),we need to drink the water and eat the raisins.Soaking munakka and having in the morning.
✨ Smoothie diet 3 days before+pelvic yoga.
✨ Sleeping sideways on the left side of the body reduces cramps.
✨ Ginger+lemongrass tea. Nariyal paani.
Green tea and lavender oil on pillow.
✨ Peepramul powder tea also hepls.
Walking and stretching. Good physical activity.
✨ Glass bottle with warm water in absence of hot water water bag.
✨ Warm lemon & fresh coriander vegetables stew (less ginger if heavy flow).
✨ Piping hot halwa(besan+heat atta)
✨ Gud and coriander seeds post lunch.
✨ Little haldi doodh entire month except the period days. Milk with dry ginger powder a week before periods start works great.
✨ Applying ghee on forehead during periods will help with mood swings/anxiety.
✨ Soaked methi seeds(overnight),having empty stomach in the morning.
✨ For some eating papaya also works. ✨ Eating dates also helps calm the pain.
✨ Apply vicks/anti-inflammatory balm on tummy,it radiates heat and helps in pain reduction.
✨ Lots of spinach & beetroot in your food.
✨ Banana with some Hing(if you want).
6-7 almonds crushed and sautee it in ghee and add some sugar.
✨Wet a napkin in cold water,sleep with that napkin on your stomach covering it with a dry towel.
Boiling loose green tea and pudina in water and then mix lemon before drinking. Helps in period cramps.

Thank you everyone for sharing your nuskhas with us. Filing them with hashtag #MillennialNuskhe Hope you have a painfree period next time 🌻


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