While I love how everyday conversations on Instagram are becoming great content. I just started sharing about basic small nuggets of information around Ayurveda Nutrition. Here’s the first one –

How to start your day?

First thing people ask when you get up is do you want coffee or tea and I say nothing! I am asked that did I stop having chai/coffee after Ayurveda or has it been like that.

I never started my day with anything so it kinda worked well for me. I started having warm water though everyday. Triphala is great! Clears your stomach/skin really well. Now I keep changing it up. On some days there’s haldi & little ghee (remember haldi is oil soluble) or cinnamon or jeera water or just mulethi powder. For losing weight – warm water, lemon juice & honey works. (Good quality honey not Dabur, Patanjali please! Also never heat honey just add it to the warm water at the end)

But always always start the day with cleaning the tongue. Super important. (Ideally use a copper scraper) and oil pulling is great too! Just swish a spoonful of sesame/coconut oil in your mouth for a minute. Great for gums/teeth and gut! Yep direct connection with our immunity!

Coffee and tea are fermented products and adds up to pitta if had the first thing in the morning! Empty stomach will anyway have little pitta accumulation so you don’t want to add more!

If you are used to it don’t stop immediately, your body will feel little shocked. Satmaya is body’s familiarity with something and it takes a while to adjust to a new good habit or to remove a bad habit. Even if you don’t want to change it up. I know a lot of people who can’t function without their morning mug(s) of caffeine. Just eat little something before/with it. I’d suggest soaked nuts, tiny portion of homemade granola/bliss balls or energy bar.

Soaked raisins first thing in the morning can give you a great kickstart for energy! Have fruits as first breakfast. Don’t eat it after or with breakfast. Keep them separate. Fruits are easy sugar for body to process. By mixing it with other food it has to sit longer in the acidic medium and can start fermenting in the stomach.


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