“How to start your day? #EverydayAyurveda”


While I love how everyday conversations on Instagram are becoming great content. I just started sharing about basic small nuggets of information around Ayurveda Nutrition. Here's the first one - How to start your day?

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Panch Maha Bhoota – Five elements | Everyday Ayurveda


Aakash - Vayu - Agni - Jal - Prithvi Say this in loud & deep voice & it'll sound like opening line for Captain Planet Cartoon in Hindi Fun, right? Now, let me share what

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Agni or Digestive Fire | Everyday Ayurveda


How many times have you heard this? Well it’s partly true but it's not just what you eat. You are what you can digest. Ayurveda focuses a lot on digestion and this seemed like a

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Why I chose Ayurveda?


Why I chose Ayurveda? It's been 8 years of this blog and I am re-launching it. There's one question that I keep getting is that how this girl who used to sell

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